Tuscany Yoga Retreat 2019

We are all thirsty to give more love and care to our physical, mental and emotional state, therefore, we organize beautiful retreats in the heart of the stunning Tuscany, Italy. A private group of young ladies joined us to unwind, relax and explore more about their journey in life, and go deeper into their inner self. We enjoyed morning and afternoon sessions of yoga and meditation, learning some essential breathing techniques while inhaling the fresh air of Bagno Vignoni. Reiki as a private healing session indoors and in the thermal water pool, is an experience not to be missed in life! Most of us need to balance their chakras and feel that powerful energy healing technique. Walks and meditations in nature were on the menu as well, food for the soul served right in the middle of those amazing views. Coaching sessions were there too, for guidance about specific subjects tailor made depending on our group’s requirements.